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If you want to buy a home in Sun Lakes AZ, consider this!

Want to buy a home in Sun Lakes that could give you a financial advantage?

Buy a home in sun lakes

Finding the perfect home to buy in Sun Lakes can be hard. I won’t’ sugar coat it, it puts a stress on your everyone and the phrase ‘I’m moving” will thin out your friend herd pretty fast. Most people want a home that they fall in love with instantly and can just place their furniture and relax. But if the Sun Lakes homes with all of your “must have” requirements are just beyond your reach, consider an older, outdated home. You will likely save money in the process. Older homes are typically priced about 15-20% less than the same sized home and since most buyers don’t have your vision and this could give you a financial advantage when making an offer.

If you love the homes in the $300-350k price range, set your sights on the older homes in the $240-275k range.

Consider that “Old” does not mean it’s a rundown shack

New homes are built fast and they use cheaper materials. Older homes were made with quality materials and have already proven they can stand the test of time. There are numerous inexpensive ways you can update an older home you buy in Sun Lakes allowing you to keep the character that you cannot get in a newer home.

Affordable ways to update that older home

1. Paint Colors

As you first see the home you want to buy in Sun Lakes, you notice it will require a little love in the form of landscaping. No problem, then you open the door and are hit with tragic paint color combinations and outdated wallpaper. Your mind begs you to leave but don’t let that run you off. Paint is an easy, inexpensive repair. A couple gallons and few a few days later, the nightmare can be over. Now you can express yourself with the colors you love instead of the typical beige found in most homes.

Kitchen buy home Sun Lakes 2. Kitchen appliances

Updating appliances in the home you want to buy in Sun Lakes can be done simply with little to no effort. You might love the look of a sunburst refrigerator and avocado stove, but if not, just head to your local appliance retailer and pick a set. They will deliver and install them for you if you’d like. The stretch and dent section are a great place to save a little more money. Likely the damage won’t be seen and if it is, it most certainly won’t alter the way the appliance works. Countertops are another topic, but it’s likely in your budget considering how much money you are saving.

3. Out-dated Flooring

Maybe the owner of the home was a gardener. Or maybe they liked to work on potting plants in the living room while watching reruns of Golden Girls. Maybe it just looks like it. With the never-ending choices of flooring, there is something for everyone in every budget. Whether you want wood, carpet or tile, you can find a look you will fall in love with. Additional savings can be found by shopping in the discontinued section. Likely the product replacing it is so similar that most cannot tell them apart, but since it is no longer produced, it is sold with a large discount. Just make sure of the amount needed prior to picking out new flooring.

update home buy sun lakes

4. Funky Smells

Along with being a gardener, maybe they also had a litter box in, what appears to be, every room of the house. Other than a mold problem, there are few things that cannot be fixed with a deep cleaning. Just hold your breath and think happy thoughts. Make sure that the rooms are what you need and where you need them. If you can get through this, you have beat out 90% of the home shoppers.

5. Curb Appeal

When you pulled up to the home you want to buy in Sun Lakes for the first time, it didn’t inspire you to instantly write a song, but that is okay. A coat of paint on the front door and some nice flower goes a long way. Most older homes already have great landscaping, but it may just be overgrown. Finding a decent landscaper to cut it all back can make your home look fresh again. Ask the neighbors who they use. If the home is an eyesore, they will be happy to give you the number.

6. Popcorn ceilings

This is a major undertaking and a messy one at that. If you don’t mind the look of popcorn ceilings, fantastic! But, if the textured ceiling thing is not for you, then find yourself a ceiling specialist. One who can remove it for you and give you a brand-new flat surface to work with. Depending on the number of rooms you need done it can be handled quickly and most will be happy to paint the ceiling when the job is complete.

Lack of privacy homes7. Lack of Privacy

If you find that your privacy is a little lacking in personal space, at the home you want to buy in Sun Lakes, plant some new trees or shrubs to block the neighbor’s home. If this is done prior to you ‘officially’ moving in, no harm no foul. But if you wait until after you have been in the home for some time. Then neighbors may take it personally and there is no cure for bad neighbors.

Now that you have banished all of the ugly from your new home you want to buy in Sun Lakes, it’s finally time to invite some friends and show them how much work has been done, and at a nice savings. Contact me today at 623-999-8646.



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